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8 Tips to Help Avoid Mistakes When Writing Important Business Emails

By May 9, 2018Blog

Avoid embarrassing mistakes is important if you expect to be credible to your readers. Knowing when to spell out figures and learning easy-to-remember tips for correctly capitalizing proper nouns are good techniques to learn to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. For those of you who write internationally. Here are more valuable tips that will help you avoid mistakes:

  1. Be very clear
  2. Use complete sentences
  3. Avoid all use of jargon, unusual figures of speech and abbreviations
  4. Determine correct salutations for specific cultures
  5. Avoid long sentences
  6. Avoid humor
  7. Proofread carefully, with the reader in mind
  8. Use correct time, date and measurement formats (for clarity, write the month as a word)

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