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How to Greet Others in Business

By January 11, 2019Blog

Business introductions are something you will be faced with often.  If you don’t know the correct ways to introduce someone it can get awkward real quick.

Learn the proper way to make introductions:

  • Introduce the person of lesser authority to the person with greater authority
  • Say the name of the person with greater authority first
  • Speak each person’s name slowly and distinctly
  • Give a little information about each person as you introduce them (such as their qualifications)
  • If you forget a name, proceed with, “I’m sorry, your name has slipped my mind.” You almost never do this. You should try to play it off first.
  • Maintain good eye contact and have a firm handshake

Cultures can differ on what is appropriate and what isn’t. If you’re traveling aboard, be smart and take the time to do some reading and prepare before you go.

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  • Bacica Gaines says:

    This is amazing. I just want to thank you for passing on knowledge to us other women that can change our lives. The positive, genuine energy is respected. Thank you !! I haven’t created a website yet. I am working on it.

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